Pitted against the god of death, Lachlei only has
one chance to avenge her husband’s murderer... or join him.

Two thousand years after the world’s total destruction, Areyn Sehduk, the god of death, has returned to rekindle the war. Appearing as a warrior from a rival clan, Areyn slays the king of the Lochvaur, knowing that he can shift the balance in the world of mortals.

But the king’s death brings an unlikely adversary. Lachlei, the queen of the Lochvaur, proves to be a daunting warrior. Swearing vengeance against the rival clan, Lachlei thrusts her people into a deadly war against demons and undead.

Only Rhyn’athel, the god of warriors, can help her. Disguised as a mortal, Rhyn’athel joins Lachlei’s elite guard in the hopes of preventing total destruction of the world.

But Rhyn’athel has fallen hopelessly in love with Lachlei, and his presence in the world changes the very fabric of the future.

Lachlei soon becomes the focus of two powerful gods as she becomes the fulcrum for the fate of the entire empire.

This page was last updated: January 2, 2010
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